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23 September 2007 @ 10:01 pm
Saturday Night at the Hawt Boy Cafe  
So last night, my BFF Julie (newly separated from her husband) and I (divorced) went out to dinner at a lovely little spot. Had salads and a glass of wine. Her older daughter offered to "watch" my son (we can't use the term "babysit" any more as my son objects) and she isn't always so accomodating, being a moody teenager, so we took advantage.

Well, from the moment we walked in, there were hot boys everywhere! Let's start with "Biceps" who was handing a take-out box to a couple, nicely showing off his fabulous guns in his just-right-tight black t-shirt (the uniform here is black tee and jeans). He then turned and beckoned--yes! Beckoned!--me over to take my order. He smiled his devastating smile (Julie and I swooned) and got us our wine and rang up the order.

We went to the patio to find a seat as the evening was nice. That was where we encountered "Ron Weasley" as Julie dubbed him. He was an older version (say, 22 yrs old) of Rupert Grint. Same self-deprecating smile. Sweet guy. He was clearing the table we wanted and we stood there and commented on his glassware stacking talents, egging him on to stack them higher. He got 10 glasses stacked and then upended a beer bottle in the top glass, carried them to the kitchen without mishap. We were impressed. He came strutting back to our table to wipe it clean and grinned that lovely smile as we clapped for his incredible skills.

Then there was "Mike" (named for a guy he reminded me of) who was tall and thin and looked downright good in his jeans and tee. He had sparkling blue eyes and longish brown hair and a charming smile when he brought our salads to the table.

Each time one of these boys walked by, our conversation lagged as our eyes followed them across the patio. We decided that one of the requirements for working there was "being hot."

We knew we were in trouble. Or maybe they were.

So what are two single, and for the moment childless, women to do? Why, order more wine, of course. Julie signals Ron Weasley over (closest hottie at hand) and asks him to tell Biceps we would like more wine. (Did I mention that I had a clear view of Biceps at the counter through the glass doors on the patio?) Biceps glances at our table, and tosses a sexy smirk our way. Ron comes out to tell us Biceps will be getting the wine for us shortly. And, no lie, it is Mike who brings it out! And then, Ron comes by to make sure we got our wine and was there anything else we needed?

It's a heady experience to have all the Hotties dancing attendance on two ol' gals like us!

Not that we were flirting. Oh no. Not us!

Well, maybe just a little. And perhaps there was some ogling involved, too. I'm not saying.

Needless to say, we decided we needed to make plans to return there, soon!

Now you know how I spent my Saturday night. At the Hawt Boy Cafe.

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sunnyjune46 on September 24th, 2007 09:14 am (UTC)
That is just the BEST story. I'll read anything that involves three hot guys and food. lol

I'm glad you had a great time Ronnie - you deserve a good girl's night out accompanied by three hot guys to cater to all your needs. Sign me up next time! I'll take Ron, I've got a thing for red heads. ;-)